Related Premiere Dates . Release Date: Aug 30, 2019 Early Access Release Date: Aug 30, 2019. Ruly Riantrisnanto. Den of Geek. Qu'attendez-vous de la suite? Writer/producer Akiva Goldsman explains the insane ideas of both a prequel and a sequel, including a … The novel was a success and was adapted into the films The Last Man on Earth (1964), The Omega Man (1971), and I Am Legend (2007). I Am Legend 2 [OFFICIAL TRAILER HD].flv. Star Wars: Episode VIII — Release Date. I Am Legend 2 Akční / Sci-Fi / Thriller. Apparently the studio has given up on trying to bring back Will Smith and are now pushing for a reboot of the potential franchise. USA, 2021. Année de production 2007. I Am Legend is a 1954 post-apocalyptic horror novel by American writer Richard Matheson that was influential in the modern development of zombie and vampire literature and in popularizing the concept of a worldwide apocalypse due to disease. I Am Legend (10/10) Movie CLIP - Alternate Ending (2007) HD. I Am Legend 2 Release Date: When is it coming out? I AM LEGEND 2 (2021) WILL SMITH - TEASER TRAILER CONCEPT LAST MAN ON EARTH. Rescue all the Playmates before they are gone! La question sur le moment où la date de sortie de I Am Legend 2 excite beaucoup de fans de Will Smith, Francis Lawrence, et d'autres célébrités. Playboy x Call Me A Legend 12 beautiful Playmates are trapped in the zombie world. Immerhin legte der Sci-Fi-Horror-Film zu seiner Zeit denerfolgreichsten Kinostartfür einen Film hin, der im Dezember veröffentlicht wurde. I am Legend 2 - Official Secound Ending Will Smith movie, Monsters 2: The Dark Continent Release Date, Five Nights at Freddy's MOVIE Release Date. 0. I Am a Legend 2 confirmé . For those who haven’t seen the first movie, it is the protagonist whom Will Smith played. Big spoilers for I Am Legend lie ahead. A look at the plague that decimated New York City and gave birth to creatures known as the Infected. Visit the website View update history Read related news View discussions Find Community Groups . Agréablement surpris de fonte et dynamique, en prenant part au tournage: Will Smith, Alice Braga, Willow Smith, Paradox Pollack, Avril Grâce Darrell Foster et d'autres acteurs populaires. Rappelons que le scénario de la première partie du film tourne autour de la question de la transformation, à la suite d'une épidémie de gens terribles en monstres. 1. Partagez avec vos amis! I’m just not sure how well it will work out. Es gab Drehbücher. Consultez les détails ci-dessous. Editor. 18. Jeune saison de justice 3 date de sortie . Date de sortie DVD 19/06/2008 . I Am Legend 2 is coming out To Be Announced (TBA). Monsters 2: The Dark Continent — Release … Eventually, all conversation of future I Am Legend died out.This is definitely not a good sign for those hoping a sequel (or prequel, for that matter) will materialize. I Am Legend took in a surprising $585 million worldwide, so you can see why the studio wants a sequel. There have been rumours that the sequel to a movie that has become iconic, I Am Legend, will be out some time soon. I Am Legend 2 date de sortie a été répandu à nouveau. Subscribe to the 2nd Channel: --~--13 years have passed since the virus that wiped the world. Home; In Theaters ; Coming Soon ; 2020 Movies; 2021 Movies; Upcoming . Starry cast consisted of the seasoned or prospective actors, such as Will Smith and his daughter Willow Smith, April Grace Darrell Foster, Alice Braga, and Paradox Pollack, among others. The film was directed by Francis Lawrence and written by Arash Amel. Den of Geek. I Am Legend 2 date de sortie a été répandu pour 2016. Date relese i am legend date partie 2 premiere 2015. We have collected some information regarding the film that you may find interesting. Populer Lihat Semua. Récompenses 3 prix et 2 nominations Voir les infos techniques. I Am Legend 2 will be, naturally, the title of the sequel to a post-apocalyptic film. Share Embed . I Am Legend 2 Release Date Despicable Me 3 Release Date Five Nights At Freddy`s Movie Release Date Insidious: Chapter 3 Release Date. marcolas Jeudi 25 Septembre 2008 Actualité 444 vues 5 Commentaires. TOPIK POPULER # Raffi Ahmad # Iyut Bing Slamet # Kalina Ocktaranny # Sule # Pop Academy; CERITA BARU SCTV. Share Share Tweet Email. Here, he explains how they wrote both a prequel, which involves the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and a sequel. E-mail Address. The film was produced and released by the Warner Bros. company, a film industry giant. By Sandy Schaefer Feb 17, 2012. Lui la peinture est un prequel - la préhistoire - longs métrages américains I Am Legend, est basé sur le roman éponyme de Richard Matheson et sorti en salles en 2007. In the upcoming film, the last days of men will be shown, along with the details of New York’s and Washington’s destruction, especially the apocalyptic battle scenes in Manhattan. Warner Bros. has officially closed a deal to begin development on a new 'I Am Legend' movie which may star Will Smith - but, inexplicably, may not be a prequel. Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. It is surely one of the most anticipated premieres for the upcoming months. Wie Akiva Goldsman, der Drehbuchautor des ersten Teils, ausplauderte, hat man bei Warner Bros Pictures alles in Gang gesetzt, um „I Am Legend 2“ möglich zu machen – und sowohl ein Sequel als auch ein Prequel geschrieben: „Oh, wir haben es versucht. I Am Legend: Éditeur Gold Medal Books: Date de parution 1954: Version française; Éditeur Denoël: Collection Présence du futur: Lieu de parution Paris: Date de parution 1955 : Nombre de pages 192 Je suis une légende (I Am Legend) est un roman de science-fiction de l'auteur américain Richard Matheson paru en 1954 et adapté en 1964, 1971 et 2007 au cinéma. Watch now the new trailer movie i am legend 2 for will smith .....Please subscribe for more movie trailers . Daemon Blackfyre - Highlight Series. 5:39. New Release; I Am Legend; I Am Legend 2; 0% suka; 0% lucu; 0% kaget; 0% sedih; 0% marah; Kredit. The Sultan bersama Raffi Ahmad dan Andre Taulany Sabtu 5 Desember 2020, Ini Link Live Streamimg SCTV-nya. Réalisateur du film rendu célèbre par Francis Lawrence et l'auteur de la parcelle était Arash Amel. It’s totally a day though. I Am Legend 2 will be, naturally, the title of … Off the back of the huge success of I Am Legend back in 2007, Warner Bros was keen to develop either a prequel or a sequel to the film. Tous Droits Réservés. Will Smith who played the protagonist is now associated with his character in the minds of cinema-goers. Il ya quelques nouvelles intéressantes à propos de la date de sortie de la suite du film populaire post-apocalyptique. En bref, dans un proche avenir nos yeux regardent une autre grande, passionnante et impressionnante image de mouvement. Comment. 6:15. DVD et Blu-ray I Am Legend 2 date de sortie est prévue en 2016. Untitled 'I Am Legend' Prequel Project; I Am Legend Reboot; A Garden at the End of the World; Advertisement . Akiva Goldsman is out promoting his directorial feature Winter's Tale, which is in theaters this week just in time for Valentine's Day, and he was happy to share some of his failed script ideas for I Am Legend 2 with io9. Allein am Startwochenende spielte der Film knapp 77,2 Millionen US-Dollar ein. Toggle navigation. Ticket Box. I Am Legend was released on December 14, 2007, in the United States and Canada, and opened to the largest-ever box office (not adjusted for inflation) for a non-Christmas film released in the U.S. in December, and was the seventh-highest grossing film of 2007, earning $256 million domestically and $329 million internationally, for a total of $585 million. Auch weltweit wurde „I Am Legend“ ein großer Erfolg: Bei einem geschätzten Budget von 150 Millionen US-Dollar und Einnahmen von rund 585 Millionen US-Dollar an den Kinokassen, war Will Smith‚ postapokalyptisches V… The plot of the first I Am Legend chapter centers around the epidemics which has spread around the globe turning people into monstrous creatures and leaving a man searching for his own kind. Now it looks like they may have done a complete about face. Also known as . I Am Legend. I Am Legend 2 date de sortie a été répandu pour 2016. DVD et Blu-ray I Am Legend 2 date de sortie est prévue en 2016. I Am Legend 2 Release Date (38 votes, average: 4.16 out of 5) Loading... Share It 01.12.2016 Trailer. Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. They promise to thank you and you won't be disappointed. I Am Legend 2 sera montré des scènes de destruction monumentale de l'humanité, la dernière bataille décisive à Manhattan, la destruction de Washington et New York, la fin de la civilisation. There have been rumours that the sequel to a movie that has become iconic, I Am Legend, will be out some time soon. Three years after the outbreak, US Army virologist Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville (Will Smith) lives an isolated life in the ruins of New York City, which is now deserted, unsure if any other uninfected humans … Die kolportierten Ideen für eine Fortsetzung von „I Am Legend“ sind mäßig fantasievoll. It has been bumped to a 2013 release. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous - CAST Interview w/ JAMEELA JAMIL & More. Questions: Asked About I Am Legend 2. Submit Question . In 2009, a genetically re-engineered measles virus, originally created as a cure for cancer, turns into a lethal strain which kills 90% of those it infects, and mutates the remaining 10% into predatory, nocturnal mutants called "Darkseekers" who are extremely vulnerable to sunlight and other sources of UV. The first film which went out on the big screens worldwide in 2007 is based on the novel by Richard Matheson with the same title, I Am Legend. According to a scooper at AICN they’ve scrapped they’re prequel plans and decided to make I Am Legend 2 … La production du film, un genre qui représente un croisement entre un fantasme, thriller, et le drame, est engagée dans la production de film entreprise «Warner Bros. Pictures». The fans of him and Francis Lawrence cannot wait to see how the things will turn out in the next chapter. I Am Legend 2 Réalisateurs : Genre : Science-Fiction. Hier ein paar der Ideen aus der jahrelangen Entwicklungsphase der Fort… Variety confirme aujourd’hui une rumeur persistante : Francis Lawrence va de nouveau travailler avec Will Smith sur un prequel à I Am a Legend. 'I Am Legend 2' with Will Smith is Officially Moving Forward. Talks of getting either an I Am Legend 2 or prequel on its feet following the release of the post-apocalyptic box office hit were happening for a short while. Wir haben es wirklich versucht“, so Goldsman („Der dunkle Turm“). Recent I Am Legend 2 updates: added Joby Harold as producer to credits • added Roy Lee as producer to credits • added Brooklyn Weaver as producer to credits • added Gary Graham as screenwriter to credits . Předloha: Richard Matheson (kniha) Producenti: Joby Harold, James Lassiter (další profese) přehled; komentáře; zajímavosti; ocenění ; videa; galerie; ext. Droit d'auteur © 2021 'I Am Legend 2' Release Date Set I Am Legend 2 is a prequel to 2007′s post apocalyptic film starring Will Smith. The central character of the horrible events will be the well-known Dr. Robert Neville. 2:50. L'un des plus attendu prochain film premieres, sans aucun doute, est un film intitulé «I Am Legend 2 # 8243-. Durée : Inconnu Nationalité : Américain Produit en : 2012 Distributeur : Non disponible Dernières réactions sur Je suis une légende 2 . Is a sequel to Will Smith's 2007 film I Am Legend still happening? Et tout cela aura lieu directement en face de la célèbre Dr. Robert Neville, joué par Will Smith. I’m not even gonna check to see if that’s a Friday. Promo Art. A story of a man who survived the apocalypse cannot be left without further development. Feed Updates . Der finanzielle Erfolg spricht klar für einen weiteren Teil von„I Am Legend“. I Am Legend 2 Will Never Happen; Story Details Revealed. Dragon Ball Super Broly: The 5 Best Dragon Ball Movies. 5 Théories insane qui est le chef suprême snoke. It is a crafty blend of genres which includes the elements of thriller, drama, and sci-fi. Reviews and comments. Je suis une légende (I Am Legend) est un film américain d'anticipation post-apocalyptique réalisé par Francis Lawrence, sorti le 14 décembre 2007. Quarantine Shopping _ I Am Legend (Director's Cut)#225 . À son tour, dans le prequel, les téléspectateurs pourront voir ce que la cause de cette épidémie. 1:51. Distributeur Warner Bros. France . We have collected some information regarding the film that you may find interesting. Six nouvelles affiches pour "la légende de hercules" Warner bros. Déjà le développement de la suite du film de lego «Legend of the seeker» saison 3: date de sortie «La légende de korra» saison 2: date de sortie. Time is limited for all legends to finish the rescue-missions and set them free from the zombies. Bagikan. Writer Gary Graham is retrofitting his script for A Garden At The End Of The World (described as a sci-fi version of John Wayne’s The Searchers) to fit into a reboot for I Am Legend.The two properties reportedly contain enough similarities to blend together. The second movie is expected to be a prequel, in which the cause of the horrible catastrophe will be revealed. Ask a Question. Home » Movies. Main; Actors; Story; Interesting; General. Forgotten … I Am Legend 2 Release Date The I Am Legend 2 release date may be October 12th, 2018.