Read the document. Quebec is the second-most populous province of Canada, after Ontario. Quebec's highest point at 1,652 metres is Mont d'Iberville, known in English as Mount Caubvick, located on the border with Newfoundland and Labrador in the northeastern part of the province, in the Torngat Mountains. An additional 5.8 percent of the population said they had no religious affiliation (including 5.6 percent who stated that they had no religion at all).Percentages are calculated as a proportion of the total number of respondents (7,125,580)[137], The official language of Quebec is French. After his loss in the referendum, Lévesque went back to Ottawa to start negotiating a new constitution with Trudeau, his minister of Justice Jean Chrétien and the nine other provincial premiers. [206], Quebec has been described as a potential clean energy superpower. The 2006 census counted a total aboriginal population of 108,425 (1.5 percent) including 65,085 North American Indians (0.9 percent), 27,985 Métis (0.4 percent), and 10,950 Inuit (0.15 percent). Strongly influenced by the presence of the Catholic Church, the development of the religious history of Quebec is provided by organizations like the Council of the religious heritage of Quebec. The regional novel from Quebec is called Terroir novel and is a literary tradition[229] specific to the province. Also, the winter of 2010 was the warmest and driest recorded in more than 60 years.[52]. [224][225] [138] Knowledge of French is widespread even among those who do not speak it natively; in 2011, about 94.4 percent of the total population reported being able to speak French, alone or in combination with other languages, while 47.3% reported being able to speak English. On the edge of the Ungava Bay and Hudson Strait is the tundra, whose flora is limited to a low vegetation of lichen with only less than 50 growing days a year. Les limites ont une forme rectangulaire de chaque côté du fleuve Saint-Laurent , et s’étendent du lac Nipissing et du 45 e parallèle jusqu’au fleuve Saint-Jean et à l’ île d’Anticosti . [217] Quebec traditional music is currently provided by various contemporary groups seen mostly during Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations, Quebec National Holiday and many local festivals. [139] However, both English and French are required by the Constitution Act, 1867, for the enactment of laws and regulations, and any person may use English or French in the National Assembly and the courts. Toutes les nouvelles de ABS/St.Jacobs ABC via JEAN-PHILIPPE LAMONTAGNE Représentant et conseiller génétique [94] To restore stability to his largest remaining North American colony, King George III sent Carleton back to Quebec to remedy the situation. [38] The combination of rich and easily arable soils and Quebec's relatively warm climate makes this valley the most prolific agricultural area of Quebec province. ", "Le Québec, la puissance énergétique verte du continent? Traditional dishes are also the star of "Le temps des fêtes", a period which covers the winter holidays. New France became a Royal Province in 1663 under King Louis XIV of France with a Sovereign Council that included intendant Jean Talon. The distribution areas of the paper birch, the trembling aspen and the mountain ash cover more than half of Quebec territory.[66]. [181] It is also considered as one of the world leaders in sectors such as aerospace, information technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, and therefore plays a significant role in the world's scientific and technological communities. "Place Names". In the manner of touring companies of the Renaissance, the clowns, street performers, minstrels, or troubadours travel from city to city to play their comedies. The small animals seen most commonly include the eastern grey squirrel, the snowshoe hare, the groundhog, the skunk, the raccoon, the chipmunk and the Canadian beaver. The Quebec Act offended a variety of interest groups in the British colonies. [179] The research and development expenditures will be more than 3% of the province's GDP in 2013. [167] The forest products industry ranks second in exports, with shipments valued at almost $11 billion. Cette page fournit de l’information complémentaire à la page Données COVID-19 au Québec. Product ID: 256319851361999946Created on: 9/12/2015, 5:03 PM. Émile Nelligan, a Quebec poet famous for his poem Winter evening, First influenced since the days of New France by Catholicism, with works from Frère Luc (Brother Luke) and more recently from Ozias Leduc and Guido Nincheri, art of Quebec has developed around the specific characteristics of its landscapes and cultural, historical, social and political representations.[231]. In "Languages", ed. Site officiel du gouvernement du Québec. The abundance of natural resources gives Quebec an advantageous position on the world market. [198] William Osler, Wilder Penfield, Donald Hebb, Brenda Milner, and others made significant discoveries in medicine, neuroscience and psychology while working at McGill University in Montreal. Christian Brethren Church in the Province of Quebec-Église des frères chrétiens dans la Province de Québec ». Quebec Province, Canada. In western Quebec, the average altitude is about 500 metres, while in the Gaspé Peninsula, the Appalachian peaks (especially the Chic-Choc) are among the highest in Quebec, exceeding 1000 metres. Mit allen Informationen von Preisen und Zeiten bis hin zu Tickets ohne Anstehen und mobilen Tickets. Legitimate exceptions are Montreal and Quebec. In 1778, Frederick Haldimand took over for Guy Carleton as governor of Quebec. Most of Quebec's population lives in this area of vegetation, almost entirely along the banks of the St. Lawrence. Information Bulletin. [43] Most of central Quebec, ranging from 51 to 58 degrees North has a subarctic climate (Köppen Dfc). Many feared the establishment of Catholicism in Quebec, and that the French Canadians were being courted to help oppress British Americans.[92]. Its relatively long growing season lasts almost 200 days and its fertile soils make it the centre of agricultural activity and therefore of urbanization of Quebec. Quebec is divided into four climatic zones: arctic, subarctic, humid continental and East maritime. In a similar way, the Association of Film and Television in Quebec (APFTQ) promotes independent production in film and television. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! 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There was also a need to compromise between the conflicting demands of the French-speaking Canadian subjects and those of newly arrived British subjects. Tatsächlich ist hier der Sankt-Lorenz-Strom nur noch 600 Meter breit und schwer schiffbar wegen seiner Untiefen. The topography of the Shield has been shaped by glaciers from the successive ice ages, which explains the glacial deposits of boulders, gravel and sand, and by sea water and post-glacial lakes that left behind thick deposits of clay in parts of the Shield. When Great Britain declared war on August 4, 1914, Canada was automatically involved as a dominion. Quebec is Canada's largest province by area and its second-largest administrative division; only the territory of Nunavut is larger. [112], Given the province's heritage and the preponderance of French (unique among the Canadian provinces), there has been debate in Canada regarding the unique status (statut particulier) of Quebec and its people, wholly or partially. La province de Québec est la plus grande province canadienne : les deux autres provinces comparables au Québec sont l'Ontario et l… Carnaval de Quebec (Winter) Carnaval de Québec. [82] The population grew slowly under French rule,[83] thus remained relatively low as growth was largely achieved through natural births, rather than by immigration. [64] The third most northern forest area is characterized by deciduous forests. La province du quebec - Die Favoriten unter der Menge an analysierten La province du quebec! [40] Winters are long, very cold, and snowy, and among the coldest in eastern Canada, while summers are warm but very short due to the higher latitude and the greater influence of Arctic air masses. On y retrouve de l'information sur les cas par groupes de régions, les cas confirmés et actifs par région sociosanitaire (RSS) et réseau local de service (RLS) ainsi que les décès par lieu de résidence et RSS. The economy of Quebec represents 20.36% of the total GDP of Canada. In addition, 152,820 (2.0%) reported having more than one native language.[138]. [209], Quebec is the fourth largest producer of hydroelectricity in the world after China, Brazil and the United States and relies almost exclusively (96% in 2008) on this source of renewable energy for its electricity needs.[210]. This industry generated 487,000 jobs in agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing of food, beverages and tobacco and food distribution.[171]. While the province's substantial natural resources have long been the mainstay of its economy, sectors of the knowledge economy such as aerospace, information and communication technologies, biotechnology, and the pharmaceutical industry also play leading roles. It is the only one to have a predominantly French-speaking population, with French as … Forests cover more than half of Quebec's territory, for a total area of nearly 761,100 square kilometres (293,900 sq mi). [40] The climate of the province is largely determined by its latitude, maritime and elevation influences. Quebec is remarkable for the natural resources of its vast territory. [49], The all-time record of the greatest precipitation in winter was established in winter 2007–2008, with more than five metres[50] of snow in the area of Quebec City, while the average amount received per winter is around three metres. What are synonyms for Province de Québec? The first cheese-making school in North America was established in Saint-Denis-de-Kamouraska in 1893. Being a modern cosmopolitan society, today, all types of music can be found in Quebec. The proclamation restricted the province to an area along the banks of the Saint Lawrence River. Allophones, people whose mother tongue is neither French nor English, made up 12.3 percent (961,700) of the population, according to the 2011 census, though a smaller figure – 554,400 (7.1 percent) – actually used these languages most often in the home. Die Vertretung fördert die Interessen Québecs in den Bereichen institutionelle Zusammenarbeit, Wirtschaft, Kultur und Medien. In 1837, residents of Lower Canada – led by Louis-Joseph Papineau and Robert Nelson – formed an armed resistance group to seek an end to the unilateral control of the British governors. With unrest growing in the colonies to the south, which would one day grow into the American Revolution, the British were worried that the French-speaking Canadians might also support the growing rebellion. Many Quebecers fought against the axis powers between 1939 to 1945 with the involvement of many francophone regiments such as Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal, le Régiment de la Chaudière and many more. [166], The pulp and paper industries generate annual shipments valued at more than $14 billion. However, Samuel de Champlain argued that the English seizing of the lands was illegal as the war had already ended; he worked to have the lands returned to France. [13] Even in central Quebec, at comparatively southerly latitudes, winters are severe in inland areas. Until 1968, the Quebec legislature was bicameral,[122] consisting of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly. French settlers populating North America were interested in a new cuisine to confront the climate and the needs arising from the work of colonization. The second attempt, the Charlottetown Accord of 1992, also failed to gain traction. From Quebec's musical repertoire, the song A La Claire Fontaine[219] was the anthem of the New France, Patriots and French Canadian, then replaced by O Canada. The National Theatre School of Canada and the Conservatoire de musique et d'art dramatique du Québec form the future players. [226] The Artis and the Gemini Awards gala recognize the personalities of television and radio industry in Quebec and French Canada. [74] In 1608, he returned as head of an exploration party and founded Quebec City with the intention of making the area part of the French colonial empire. In 1848, Baldwin and LaFontaine, allies and leaders of the Reformist party, were asked by Lord Elgin to form an administration together under the new policy of responsible government. [150], Quebec's economy has undergone tremendous changes over the last decade. [93] Although some help was given to the Americans by the locals, Governor Carleton punished American sympathizers, and public support of the American cause came to an end. [165] It employs about 50,000 people[166] in 158 companies. Percentages are calculated as a proportion of the total number of respondents (7,435,905) and may total more than 100 percent due to dual responses. It is an official part of the coat of arms and has been the official licence plate motto since 1978, replacing "La belle province" (the beautiful province). Le Québec est également l'unique province du pays dont la langue officielle est seulement le français, ce qui en fait la plus grande région francophone au monde; la superficie du Québec étant trois fois plus grande que celle de la France. You can consult the information on COVID-19 or select one of the following options : Symptom self-assessment tool | Self-Care Guides | Who should you contact if you display symptoms? The Canadian boreal forest covers 27% of the area of Quebec. The island of Montreal houses most of the allophone and anglophone population, as well as most English-language institutions. Das Top Produkt ließ Anderen hinter sich zurück. : Veuillez noter que présentement, la province de Québec ne fournit pas de données à NUANSMD. [123], The government of Quebec takes the majority of its revenue through a progressive income tax, a 9.975% sales tax[124] and various other taxes (such as carbon, corporate and capital gains taxes), equalization payments from the federal government, transfer payments from other provinces and direct payments. McRoberts, Kenneth, and Dale Posgate (1984). From La Bolduc in the 1920s–1930s to the contemporary artists, the music in Quebec has announced multiple songwriters and performers, pop singers and crooners, music groups and many more. Since 1894, the Quebecois have been celebrating with winter-themed activities to keep them warm in the brutal, long winters. The tundra covers more than 24% of the area of Quebec. Most of the French were farmers ("Canadiens" or "Habitants"), and the rate of population growth among the settlers themselves was very high.[85]. In 1758, the British mounted an attack on New France by sea and took the French fort at Louisbourg. (free Quebec!) Lévesque and his party had run in the 1970 and 1973 Quebec elections under a platform of separating Quebec from the rest of Canada. A … The Loyalists were thus given land grants of 200 acres (81 ha) per person. Among the theatre troupes are the Compagnie Jean-Duceppe, the Théâtre La Rubrique at the Pierrette-Gaudreault venue of the Institut of arts in Saguenay, the Théâtre Le Grenier, etc. [154] The percentage spent on research and technology (R&D) is the highest in Canada and higher than the averages for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the G7 countries. English is not designated an official language by Quebec law. The provincial debt-to-GDP ratio peaked at 50.7% in fiscal year 2012–2013, and is projected to decline to 33.8% in 2023–2024. Elle a eu cours de 1763 à 1791 et fut ensuite remplacée par les provinces du Bas-Canada et du Haut-Canada. [78] First Nations traded their furs for many French goods such as metal objects, guns, alcohol, and clothing. Bergeron, Léandre and Pierre Landry (2008). [156], Quebec is considered as one of world leaders in fundamental scientific research, having produced ten Nobel laureates in either physics, chemistry, or medicine. Geschichte. [237], As of December 2011, there are 190 National Historic Sites of Canada in Quebec. [185] Between 1991 to 2000, Quebec produced more scientific papers per 100,000 inhabitants than the United States and Germany. The Saint Lawrence River with its estuary forms the basis of Quebec's development through the centuries. The province's economic output was CA$439.3 billion in 2018, almost 20 percent of the Canada's total gross domestic product. 7,237,479), 594,860 sq mi (1,553,637 sq km), E Canada. Lévesque insisted Quebec be able to veto any future constitutional amendments. Buchen Sie mit GetYourGuide im Voraus und machen Sie das Beste aus Ihrer Reise nach Kanada. Economic and financial update. )", "A.G. (Quebec) v. Blaikie et al., [1981] 1 S.C.R. In particular, the largest Mohawk Iroquois reserves (Kahnawake, Akwesasne and Kanesatake) were not counted. The act also allowed the French speakers, known as Canadiens, to maintain French civil law and sanctioned freedom of religion, allowing the Roman Catholic Church to remain, one of the first cases in history of state-sanctioned freedom of religious practice. Le Québec est la plus grande province du Canada et la deuxième plus peuplée après l'Ontario. [211] The Quartier Latin (English: Latin Quarter) of Montreal, and Vieux-Québec (English: Old Quebec) in Quebec City, are two hubs of activity for today's artists. It extends northeastward from the southwestern portion of the province along the shores of the Saint Lawrence River to the Quebec City region, limited to the North by the Laurentian Mountains and to the South by the Appalachians. [34] The river empties into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. [213] Quebec society bases its cohesion and specificity on a set of statements, a few notable examples of which include: Traditional music is imbued with many dances, such as the jig, the quadrille, the reel and line dancing, which developed in the festivities since the early days of colonization. [178] The spending on research and development reached some 7.824 billion dollars in 2007, roughly the equivalent of 2.63% of Quebec's GDP. Official website of the Gouvernement du Québec. Its strong French heritage and customs set it apart from Canada's other provinces. The northern regions of Quebec have an arctic climate (Köppen ET), with very cold winters and short, much cooler summers. Popular French-language contemporary writers include Louis Caron, Suzanne Jacob, Yves Beauchemin, and Gilles Archambault. [100] The two colonies remained distinct in administration, election, and law. Although primarily intended for the transport of goods through companies such as the Canadian National (CN) and the Canadian Pacific (CP), the Quebec railway network is also used by inter-city passengers via Via Rail Canada and Amtrak. By 2012, the population of Quebec reached 8 million, and it is projected to reach 9.2 million in 2056. The knowledge sector represents about 30.9% of Quebec's GDP. [40] According to the Köppen climate classification, Quebec has three main climate regions. This author will be part of the current of patriotic literature (also known as the "poets of the country" and literary identity) that will arise after the Patriots Rebellion of 1837–1838. Although reaction to conscription was favourable in English Canada the idea was deeply unpopular in Quebec. Its capital, Quebec city, is the oldest city in Canada. In the Labrador Peninsula portion of the Shield, the far northern region of Nunavik includes the Ungava Peninsula and consists of flat Arctic tundra inhabited mostly by the Inuit. Its culture is a symbol of a distinct perspective. Arguments pour "province DU Québec": - on dit la province DU Manitoba, DU Nouveau-Brunswick. Several companies, such as Ubisoft settled in Quebec since the late 1990s. Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 53.000000, -70.000000. Wir als Seitenbetreiber begrüßen Sie zu Hause auf unserer Webseite. Learn how to create your own. In addition to the network of cultural centres in Quebec,[230] the venues include the Monument-National and the Rideau Vert (green curtain) Theatre in Montreal, the Trident Theatre in Quebec City, etc. Specifically, there was no possibility of restoring the previous political balance – there were simply too many English people unwilling to reach a compromise with the 145,000 Canadiens or their colonial governor. [138], In 2011, the most common mother tongue languages in the province were as follows: Site officiel du gouvernement du Québec. Nice Historical Collector's piece. Given a warmer climate, the diversity of organisms is also higher, since there are about 850 plant species and 280 vertebrates species. The Labrador Peninsula is covered by the Laurentian Plateau (or Canadian Shield), dotted with mountains such as Otish Mountains. Most visible minorities in Quebec live in or near Montreal. It was at this moment that the monks of La Trappe of Oka began to produce the famous Oka cheese. [39] The Canadian boreal forest is the northernmost and most abundant of the three forest areas in Quebec that straddle the Canadian Shield and the upper lowlands of the province. Quebec's cuisine has also been influenced by learning from First Nation, by English cuisine and by American cuisine. [236] Several organizations ensure that same mission, both in the social and cultural traditions in the countryside and heritage buildings, including the Commission des biens culturels du Québec, the Quebec Heritage Fondation, the Conservation Centre of Quebec, the Centre for development of living heritage, the Quebec Council of living heri tage, the Quebec Association of heritage interpretation, etc. These terms were signed into law with the Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Quebec is the second-most populous province of Canada, after Ontario. The festivities occur on June 23 and 24 and are celebrated all over Quebec. [193] It is therefore considered as the most sensitive camera in the world. Wir wünschen Ihnen zuhause bereits jetzt eine Menge Spaß mit Ihrem La province du quebec! The situation called for a more creative approach to problem solving. [98] Their actions resulted in rebellions in both Lower and Upper Canada. This is a lower percentage than that of British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba but higher than that of the other five provinces. Der Name Québec stammt aus der Algonkin-Sprache und bedeutet „Die Stelle, an der sich der Fluss verengt“. While many works decorate the public areas of Quebec, others are displayed in foreign countries such as the sculpture Embâcle (Jam) by Charles Daudelin on Québec Place in Paris and the statue Québec Libre! This led to the formation of the sovereigntist Bloc Québécois party in Ottawa under the leadership of Lucien Bouchard,[111] who had resigned from the federal cabinet. The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Communications (Quebec). The Quebec Act of 1774 expanded the territory of the province to include the Great Lakes and the Ohio River Valley and south of Rupert's Land, more or less restoring the borders previously existing under French rule before the Conquest of 1760. [169] This industry accounted for 3.1% of Quebec's GDP. [160] Quebec is one of North America's leading high-tech player. Heute ist Québec die Hauptstadt der gleichnamigen Provinz. Agriculture, environment and natural resources. All the tables in the following section have been reduced from their original size, for full tables see main article Demographics of Quebec. [162], About 180 000 Quebeckers work in different field of information technology. [114] On November 27, 2006, the House of Commons passed a symbolic motion moved by Prime Minister Stephen Harper declaring "that this House recognize that the Québécois form a nation within a united Canada. Several sites, houses and historical works reflect the cultural heritage of Quebec, such as the Village Québécois d'Antan, the historical village of Val-Jalbert, the Fort Chambly, the national home of the Patriots, the Chicoutimi pulp mill (Pulperie de Chicoutimi), the Lachine Canal and the Victoria Bridge. ", "Government of Canada Helps Boost Biofuel Industry", "Gros plan sur l'énergie: Production d'électricité", "Le premier ministre énonce sa vision et crée une commission spéciale d'étude", "Folk Song and Music in Quebec: a Brief Introduction, by Stephen D. Winick, Ph.D.: Expanded Liner Notes (Le temps des Fetes, Washington Revels,", "Notre raison d'être, c'est la musique de votre quotidien", "L'Association des producteurs de films et de télévision du Québec", "L'Association des radiodiffuseurs communautaires du Québec, historique", "Agreement on the usage of Churches in Quebec", "About the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada – Duties", "Who won team canada's 29 medals in Pyeongchang", Justice Québec – Drapeauet et symboles nationaux, "Amiral [Toile des insectes du Québec — Insectarium ]", CBC Digital Archives – Quebec Elections: 1960–1998, Montreal Metropolitan Community (Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal), Former colonies and territories in Canada, Proposed provinces and territories of Canada, World Wars and Interwar Years (1914–1945),, States and territories established in 1867, French-speaking countries and territories, Pages with non-numeric formatnum arguments, Articles with French-language sources (fr), Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism, All Wikipedia articles written in Canadian English, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox settlement with possible motto list, Pages using infobox settlement with possible demonym list, Pages using infobox settlement with image map1 but not image map, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from June 2019, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from June 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2012, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from September 2012, Pages using Sister project links with hidden wikidata, Pages using Sister project links with default search, Wikipedia articles with BIBSYS identifiers, Wikipedia articles with CANTIC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with CINII identifiers, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz area identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with Trove identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Since 1987 the avian emblem of Quebec has been the.

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