The followers of Dathan and Abiram, and the band of Korah in their defiance. 19 ABRAHAM, father of many peoples, kept his glory without stain: The book of Ben Sira was composed in Hebrew c. 180 B.C.E. Precious is his memory, like honey to the taste, like music at a banquet. 15 At gatherings their wisdom is retold, and the assembly proclaims their praise. 15 And had stretched forth his hand for the cup, to offer blood of the grape, 19 But you abandoned yourself to women and gave them dominion over your body. Le livre de Bèn Sira, appelé couramment Ecclésiastique, fait partie des écrits sapientiaux. This single folio was published by Moses Gaster in Jewish Quarterly Review (Old Series) in 1900, but unfortunately its whereabouts are now unknown. 5 So he gave over their power to others, their glory to a foolish foreign nation 15 Was ever a man born like JOSEPH? 6 Stalwart men, solidly established and at peace in their own estates - 25 My whole being loathes two nations, the third is not even a people: 19 The people's hearts melted within them, and they were in anguish like that of childbirth. That he would give them an inheritance from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth. 28 Search her out, discover her; seek her and you will find her. 28 For then the LORD will reveal your secrets and publicly cast you down, 18 During his reign Sennacherib led an invasion and sent his adjutant; Do not aggravate a heart already angry, nor delay giving to the needy. He conferred on him the rights of royalty and established his throne in Israel. Who brought ruin to Ephraim 28 Happy the man who meditates upon these things, wise the man who takes them to heart! When, zealous for the God of all, he met the crisis of his people Entre le Xe et la XXe s. connu que par ses versions grecque et syriaque. 4 Did he not by his power stop the sun, so that one day became two? In their time they built the house of God; The Wisdom Literature included in the following order: the Books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Presumably it is located in London or Manchester, or it may have passed into private hands. This document, bearing the shelfmark CUL Or. The Wisdom Literature is followed by the Prophets beginning with the Prophet Isaiah in the Greek Septuagint, Latin Vulgate, and the Christian Old Testament of the Bible. 17 HEZEKIAH fortified his city and had water brought into it; 5 He permitted him to hear his voice, and led him into the cloud, 24 May his goodness toward us endure in Israel as long as the heavens are above. They abandoned the Law of the Most High, these kings of Judah, right to the very end. At our website they appear in the correct order, with correct procession of the material from Ben Sira 40:9 through Ben Sira 49:11. Then when you have her, do not let her go; The main portion of this leaf, with the shelfmark T-S 12.727, was published by Solomon Schechter in 1900; a small fragment which creates a perfect join, bearing the shelfmark T-S AS 213.4, was then identified and published by Alexander Scheiber in 1982. The work was known to the rabbinic tradition, and indeed Ben Sira is cited in the Talmud and related literature on about a dozen occasions. Both the Bodleian's own website and display these folios in the incorrect order. 1 With three things I am delighted, for they are pleasing to the LORD and to men: 23 PHINEHAS too, the son of Eleazar, was the courageous third of his line Then ELISHA, filled with a twofold portion of his spirit, wrought many marvels by his mere word. upon every living thing according to his bounty; he has lavished her upon his friends. 14 His cereal offering is wholly burnt with the established sacrifice twice each day; 14 A gift from the LORD is her governed speech, and her firm virtue is of surpassing worth. 6 There is but one, wise and truly awe-inspiring, seated upon his throne: 18 Men of other families were inflamed against him, were jealous of him in the desert, 20 For in cultivating her you will labor but little, and soon you will eat of her fruits. Ceux qui craignent le Seigneur cherchent à lui plaire, ceux qui l'aiment se rassasient de la loi. 18 A lasting agreement was made with him, that never should all flesh be destroyed. Twelve chapters of Ben Sira are reproduced here. 16 As the shining sun is clear to all, so the glory of the LORD fills all his works; To commemorate in incised letters each of the tribes of Israel; 11 Fear of the LORD surpasses all else. 7 and in Moses' lifetime showed himself loyal, 21 He regulates the mighty deeds of his wisdom; he is from all eternity one and the same, 8 Because of this, they were the only two spared from the six hundred thousand infantry, Rutgers University He wrote his work in Hebrew, possibly in Alexandria in Egypt in the Ptolemaic Kingdom ca. With his whole being he loved his Maker and daily had his praises sung; 15 Choicest of blessings is a modest wife, priceless her chaste person. Who knows her subtleties? but beyond that of any living being was the splendor of ADAM. 4 How becoming to the gray-haired is judgment, and a knowledge of counsel to those on in years! 12 Because of his merits he had as his successor a wise son, who lived in security: 17 Then all the people with one accord would quickly fall prostrate to the ground 22 For Hezekiah did what was right and held fast to the paths of David, Today the task is much easier for scholars, since these documents are available at websites such as > (for the Genizah manuscripts) and (for the Qumran and Masada material). They erected the holy temple, destined for everlasting glory. We know nothing of Ben Sira beyond what can be gathered from the book itself. Whose glory is equal to yours? 33 If you are willing to listen, you will learn; if you give heed, you will be wise. 6 Which he rained down upon the hostile army till on the slope he destroyed the foe; 22 How beautiful are all his works, delightful to gaze upon and a joy to behold! Ben Sira. 13 Extolled be the memory of NEHEMIAH! He brought down upon them a miracle, and consumed them with his flaming fire. 31 You will wear her as your robe of glory, bear her as your splendid crown. 2QSir designates Sirach from Cave 2 at Qumran, 11QPsª designates a scroll from Cave 11, which contained the canticle from Sirach Chapter 51:13-30, but which was found in the Psalms scroll! 14 Once he had completed the services at the altar with the arranging of the sacrifices for the Most High, He shook his fist at Zion and blasphemed God in his pride. 11 Blessed is he who shall have seen you before he dies, 25 He foretold what should be till the end of time, hidden things yet to be fulfilled. 25 Put your feet into her fetters, and your neck under her yoke. 21 The oblations of the LORD are his food, a gift to him and his descendants. A blast to resound mightily as a reminder before the Most High. 9 And the strength he gave to Caleb remained with him even in his old age 10 That all the people of Jacob might know how good it is to be a devoted follower of the LORD. 30 Her fetters will be your throne of majesty; her bonds, your purple cord. 13 For just as moths come from garments, so a woman’s wickedness comes from a woman. This seems to be the earliest title of the book. 2 Like the choice fat of the sacred offerings, so was DAVID in Israel. 9 Happy is he who finds a friend and he who speaks to attentive ears. THE WISDOM OF BEN SIRA (ECCLESIASTICUS) The Wisdom of Ben Sira derives its title from the author, “Yeshua [Jesus], son of Eleazar, son of Sira” (50:27). 13 A gracious wife delights her husband, her thoughtfulness puts flesh on his bones; He destroyed the hostile Philistines and shattered their power till our own day. With string music before the altar, providing sweet melody for the psalms Since Beentjes’s publication, however, new leaves belonging to MS C and MS D have come to light (see above), so that we have needed to renumber some of the folios. Majestic, glorious, renowned for splendor, a delight to the eyes, beauty supreme. 5 Since he called upon the Most High God, who gave strength to his right arm 1 From him was to spring the man who won the favor of all: 16 Wickedness changes a woman's looks, and makes her sullen as a female bear. A bad name and disgrace will you acquire: "That for the evil man with double tongue!" As with all ancient texts discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hebrew Scripture was in consonantal text only. 21 God struck the camp of the Assyrians and routed them with a plague. De bonnes relations, tu peux en avoir avec beaucoup de monde ; mais des conseils, n'en demande qu'à un seul entre mille. Gary A. Rendsburg and Jacob Binstein Subduers of the land in kingly fashion, men of renown for their might, 16 ENOCH walked with the LORD and was taken up, that succeeding generations might learn by his example. 1 Heureux le mari d’une bonne épouse : le nombre de ses jours en sera doublé !. Who did not abandon God: may their memory be ever blessed, 25 For even his covenant with David, the son of Jesse of the tribe of Judah, 10 Keep a strict watch over an unruly wife, lest, finding an opportunity, she make use of it; 9 He also referred to JOB, who always persevered in the right path. 36 If you see a man of prudence, seek him out; let your feet wear away his doorstep! One final note: The Greek version of Ben Sira (= Sirach) as attested in Codex Sinaiticus (the oldest complete manuscript of the Bible in Greek) is available online via the British Library and its partner institutions: During his lifetime he feared no one, nor was any man able to intimidate his will. 34 Frequent the company of the elders; whoever is wise, stay close to him. 16 A faithful friend is a life-saving remedy, such as he who fears God finds; Spécialiste fervent des Écritures saintes d'Israël, ayant beaucoup voyagé, il appartenait au monde des Sages. He gave him the commandments for his people, and revealed to him his glory. And God Most High gave answer to him in hailstones of tremendous power, 1 Till like a fire there appeared the prophet whose words were as a flaming furnace. 8 Some of them have left behind a name and men recount their praiseworthy deeds; While originally written in Hebrew, the Book was read only through its Greek translation, known as Σειρὰχ . Un ami fidèle n’a pas de prix, sa valeur est inestimable. See that there is no lattice in her room, or spot that overlooks the approaches to the house. Even with this availability, however, anyone wishing to inspect a particular manuscript page must navigate these websites (always with multiple steps) in order to reveal the desired image.

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